Habits Make Us…

At the end of the Gospel of Luke, Jesus gives the disciples the power to reveal his power and reconciliation in the world. We, as the church, have inherited this responsibility and when we talk about embodying the Christ in the world, we need to consider the everyday choices that become habits. Habits shape our decisions, they even shape our desires. By choosing to develop Christ centered habits, like humility, forgiveness, service, we hope that given a new situation we will reveal Christ.


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    faith pottenger says

    Thank you, Pastor Brian. I found this sermon most thought-provoking for me. It got me, “where I’m at,” right now. I am a do-er, not much of a thinker. And, [lol] I rest when my poor brain and ole body gives-up [falls over] for the day.

    I am striving to practice gratitude for what is, i.e., “Thank you, LORD, for the hot shower, there are too many w/o clean water, let alone a daily hot shower.” In this I find, guilt, tho as well as gratitude for HIS mercy AND grace. Guilt which is another habit I’ve ‘practiced,’ all my life, (partly cultural, I think of Japanese mothers as the Jewish moms of the Far East! ^_^), that I strive to over come, since coming to Christ. Tho, sometimes it reminds me to be ‘humble,’ so maybe that is why it doesn’t totally disappear; HE knows me well. THANK YOU, FATHER.

    I loved the example of choosing broccoli over a cupcake! Wish I had a habit of NOT chocolate, too, especially DARK chocolate!



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      bbelting says

      Faith, I am so Glad that you connected to this sermon and I really like your idea of practicing gratitude for everyday things, like a hot shower.

      I am grateful that you have been able to stay connected with the online sermons, as we know how much you have going on at home and have been praying for you.

      I wish Hudson still had the habit of broccoli over cupcakes, unfortunately, he has learned to love dessert.

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