Aunties, Uncles and the ‘Ohana Life

As much as we hear about Christian family values throughout our culture, Jesus, throughout his ministry, challenges the ‘focus on the family’ mindset. Jesus urges us to see our family as more than our nuclear family. In the Gospel of Matthew 12:46-50 Jesus says his mother and brothers are those who do God’s will. In Hawaii many understand the concept that Jesus is getting at. Many understand that family is more than our nuclear family, it is an extended family that moves beyond blood relations. Aunties and Uncles and Ohana life is an example that in Hawaii we understand Jesus words more appropriately. Jesus calls us even further than our understanding of ‘ohana. Jesus calls us to live into an ‘ohana life that welcomes others radically and serves one another in love, in the same way that Jesus welcomes us and loves us.

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