Current Bible Study Series:

Throughout the fall, from September 10 to November 12, we will journey through the heart of the Gospel with a sermon series on the book of Romans. Other than Jesus, himself, no other person has impacted the Church more than the Apostle Paul. Trained as a Jewish Pharisee, Paul, formerly known as Saul of Tarsus, was suppressing the early Christian movement actively when Christ met him on the road to Damascus. Paul was an enemy to Christ, he was persecuting Christians and God’s grace transformed him and, yet, God used Paul to pioneer faith in Jesus Christ. Planting communities from common day Turkey to Greece Paul expanded the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a sect of Judaism to an expansive movement. Paul’s writings to the early Christian communities make up roughly twenty-five percent of the New Testament and all written before any of the Gospels were written.

The Book of Romans represents the core of Paul’s understanding of the Gospel. Although the book is often misunderstood, in Romans Paul sends a robust argument of his beliefs to the early faith community in Rome in hopes that his words would reach them ahead of “false teachers” that were systematically going through the Christian communities Paul had started. I am convinced that Paul’s message to the Romans contains the heart of the good news of Jesus Christ for the world.

Come and explore  the book of Romans. Pastor Brian will lead a study on Sunday mornings at 9am and on Wednesday morning at 10am on the church lanai. If you would like to have another Bible study opportunity that fits your schedule, contact Pastor Brian.